6 Weeks to 12 months

During your enrollment process, we talk with the parents to learn more about how you would like us to care for your child. The infants are on their own schedule. They eat and sleep on demand and are changed every two hours unless more often is needed. We offer a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment for the infants.

It's important in this room to build a relationship with infants, we accomplish this by the following:

-Holding them while we feed them

-Playing directly on the floor beside them

-Singing and reading to them

Some of the activities we do in the room on a daily basis are: 

-Work on gross motor skills (tummy time, rolling over, etc.)

-Talking, reading, and singing to help encourage language (babbling)

-Work on fine motor skills (grasping toys)

From around 9 months to 12 months we begin to introduce the following: 

-Perfecting fine motor skills (grasping toys)

-Music and movement (singing and dancing with the kids)

-Sensory activities (feeling different textures)
-Minimal Sign Language

6 Weeks to 12 Months

Parker's Playhouse Child Care